ZBurbs Review
By Yeti


ZBurbs is a horror comedy that focuses on Shelly, her husband Bill, and her best friend Carrie as they deal with the aftermath of Bill being bitten by and then eating a zombie home invader. Every time they think they have a handle on the situation something else goes wrong. The government gets involved and everything goes downhill pretty quickly, as per usual.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a fan of zombie movies for the most part. It just so happens that all of my favorite movies featuring a horde of the undead are comedies - Shaun of the Dead, Aaah! Zombies!!, and Fido are all fantastic. Which is why I went into this one with high expectations; expectations that were all pretty much met.

The way they handled the zombies was original and entertaining; they fit the tone of this film like a glove. These undead people are still attractive and witty; they just happen to smell bad and fall into food comas after devouring an entire human in one sitting. They way the ZBurbs zombies feed Is the best part; it’s like a cross between the Tasmanian Devil and swarm of stoned piranhas and they eat everything but clothes. They go through bone like butter, teeth nor hair bothers their digestion in the least; a single hungry zombie can consume an entire human body in about ten seconds. Forget pigs, be wary of any man that keeps a zombie farm.

Shelly and Carrie’s reaction to Bill being undead might be the best part of the whole film. Carrie is there for moral support and vodka and valium. Shelly ends up deciding that the best temporary solution is to bring Bill people to eat; so that’s what she does; kind of like The Santa Clarita Diet but funnier.  She only brings him men, though. Shelly is on the fence as to whether or not eating is cheating in this situation.

Overall, this film was funny, the characters and dialog were well written, and the performances were solid all around. We have gotten a handful of remarkably good horror comedies this year and this is one of them. Do yourself a favor, take a trip to ZBurbs.