​ WTF: A Review
  by Luce Allan


In the vein of the film Last Girl Standing, WTF (2017) investigates the life of a “final girl” after she survives a slasher's merciless slaughter and attempts to reconstruct her shattered mind. Three years after her friends were murdered, college student Rachel is weeks away from graduation, and the group of friends that she has accumulated during her post-trauma college career invite her to spend their last Spring Break together in an upscale cabin in the middle of the woods. Rachel's struggle to overcome her past and enjoy the present is dashed when her trip morphs into another horrific bloodbath.

WTF is packaged as a blend of comedy and horror, but neither element ultimately triumphs. The banter between the main characters often feels bland and repetitive, and both the platonic and romantic relationships depicted in the film lack depth and believability. The pacing is disjointed, with the bulk of the action materializing about halfway through the film. The first half moves slowly, with a focus on Rachel's neglectful friends and boyfriend and their sexual exploits, with occasional moments of horror sprinkled in between. Those who have seen such films as Last Girl Standing (possible spoilers ahead) will easily be able to guess the twist ending of the film before the climax is reached.

Overall, WTF fails to reach the potential of its plot, and the various components of the film are too fragmented to create an enjoyable whole.