The Visitant Review

By D

​From Horror Amino

Welcome to my fortune teller shop, my ghouls! I am Lady D here to answer any of your misfortunate questions of the universe. Even my crystal ball is ready for any damned vistors who wish to curse me with their presence. If only Samantha came to me early. She could have saved herself some stress. Our next terror film is based on actual events. It is about Madam Samantha working at a carnival as a fortune telling gypsy who is about to have a unwanted guest in her life. FWC Pictures presents The Vistant.

Skeptic Samantha has a job as a fortune telling gypsy at a carnival who wants to be an actress. She ends up encountering a distraught woman who claims to be terrorized by an evil spirit. She just assumes the woman is mentally unstable, but helps her by telling the spirit to leave her alone. Instead of getting rid of it, it attaches itself to Sam.

It causes disturbances in her home. Lights going on and off, objects being moved around, house appliances being turned on by themselves, and werid sounds throughout the house. It is escalating slowly but surely disrupting her everyday life. Now it is endangering her life. Will she make it out alive or will the spirit win? You will have to watch the film to find out.

Special effects were momentous. Rigging the house to go haywire and having appliances turned on by themselves was pretty ingenious. Another effect I admire was when the spirit manifested itself in a smoky figure appearing as a demonic ghoul. One of my favorite scenes was when Sam was talking to her friend Maya and the camera switched to recording her and projecting it on the television screen before the lights went out.

The performance was brilliant. Each character brought something special to the story. Story was perfect and brought enough scare to make you jump. This film earned the best five out of five white sage. Go to YouTube channel: Kings of Horror to watch this film as well as other films you might like. Also vote for your Terror Care winner and make sure you look at the entries first before voting. What other films you want to get in contact with? Leave comments and suggestions below this blog. And remember: be damned and stay scared.