The Temple of Lilith (Short Review for a Short Film)
By Yeti

The Temple of Lilith is an arthouse short starring Hex Suicide from the Suicide Girls as the Mother of Darkness. Over its three minute runtime The Temple of Lilith depicts the ancient she demon rising from her slumber, bringing religion to heel, and embarking on her path of destruction. The original score is dark and foreboding and blends seamlessly into a Dopethrone track.

Quick break down? Black and white short shot on 16mm film, starring a Suicide Girl as the mother of all evil, with a doom metal soundtrack. What’s not to like. Take a break from the season and put some fucking metal in your life! If you dig this one, its companion piece titled Sulfur and Leviathan will be released next year. You can find this and other work from production company Sodom and Chimera on Vimeo.

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