The Spiritualist

Review By Yeti


The Spiritualist focuses on Laura, her friends, and a dark entity haunting her home. When seemingly paranormal things start to happen Laura is convinced that she is being haunted by her mother who presumably died due to complications of Alzheimer’s. She hosts a small get together with some friends and a medium in order to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Answers lead to more questions and the body count rises as the night goes on.

I really don’t know where to start with this one, so I will start it off with what I liked about the movie. The cinematography was great, the house in which is was set was creepy as hell, and the acting was solid. Also, when things started getting spooky, it was handled really well. They were faced with this entity that was almost always just out of frame. The entity used each victim’s worst fear against them as a way to knock them off. I really enjoyed that concept. Not only were they dying, they were pretty much dying the death of their nightmares.

Now I guess I should address why I enjoyed watching each of the characters die so horribly. Laura, our main protagonist is a remarkable blend of bland and unlikeable yet she manages to be the least cringy of the group. There are seven people in the house all told, four guys and three women. The guys seem like they are trying to out douche bag each other every time any of them delivers a line. Laura and her friend are both pretty boring and the medium is just so damned over the top. Not the acting, just the way the character is written.

I’m not going to give it away but the ending of this one just pissed me off. I felt like it started off by stepping on the rest of the movie and then when that wasn’t good enough it decided to go full on Riverdance on it. It was a letdown and honestly didn’t make a ton of sense when you put it all together. Whatever. For what it was, I guess it was pretty well executed.

I don’t know man, it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen but I definitely wouldn’t watch it again. I spent most of the movie being bored, confused, disappointed, or varying combinations of all of these. When it got good though, it was really good; the concept of the entity was really cool. That just didn’t last very long. I guess I could put it like this- if you enjoyed The Boy you’ll dig the hell out of The Spiritualist.