THE NIGHT SITTER follows AMBER, who runs a simple con by posing as a babysitter and robbing the house blind as soon as the kids are asleep. When she arrives at the house of paranormal investigator TED HOOPER, she’s slightly unnerved by the awkward behavior of him and his young son KEVIN, who complains of nightmarish visions and seems to honestly fear for his life. However, when she finds a mysterious locked room - Ted’s office, or so he claims - she decides to call in her partner ROD and clean out the house as planned.

But Amber’s curiosity soon gets the best of her….the key to the office is found, only to be lost to RONNIE, the young son of Ted’s date CHARLOTTE who stays behind with Kevin. While Amber directs the small group of friends who show up to rob the house, the young boys sneak into the office and find Ted’s collection of macabre artifacts.

As if fulfilling a prophecy, Kevin unleashes The Three Mothers, the trio of sadistic witches that have been tormenting his psyche. As the chaos begins and people start getting picked off, Amber forms an unlikely bond with Kevin and becomes his last line of defense against the bloodthirsty witches




​The Night Sitter