‚ÄčThe Last Showing

Review by D

Lights! Camera! Action! Time for close up for your film appearance. You are the star in my torture porn game show: Come Hack To Me. I am looking forward to your "cutting" performance. I hope the new riggings fit you snugged around your guts. Sit tight and enjoy your maggots and teeth. You are in for a treat! Our feature presentation is about a unappreciated theater worker who decides to make a horror film of his own in real life. The Philm Company presents The Last Showing starring Robert Englund.

Stuart Lloyd is tired of being brushed aside and ignored after being reduced to work at concession stands at the movie theater. Everything changes tonight; however when couple Martin and Allie come in to watch a movie only to end up to  be part of the movie. Stuart abducts Allie then forces him to act out his sick script for his film. Once the film is over, who will be the hero in the end?

You will have to find out for yourself. Another film starring Robert Englund who is a fantastic actor. Englund played a very convincing unappreciated middle class worker who just snapped. It is safe to say he is scary with or without supernatural powers. Special effects were impressive. The lighting  in different scenes were applied the right amount of brightness in each scene. 

I love the psychological torture Martin goes through to get Allie back. Deliciously satisfying! However I would have liked for more mind games and there were subtle hints which average people would be tipped off that Stuart isn't all there. They make Allie little gullible in this film. Overall this film has easily earned 4.5 out of five Oscars. Go to YouTube channel: Popcornflix to watch this film as well as a variety of other films you might love to view on the screen. 

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