​The Jester


By D

It is so good to be back to my cobwebbed crypt. I also spent the whole week celebrating my 25th death day. During that week, I went to the circus to see the main attractions: clowns. One of them mentioned an act which will bring us to our next bloodletting film. It is a tantalizing fairy tale involving a maniac jester whom with his horrid tricks entertains his audience for payment of a firstborn child. Darkstone Entertainment presents The Jester.

Female Author Elizabeth buys a book with a medallion for research for her next fantasy story. As she reads it, she wishes for life to be a fairy tale. Grimmel appears giving her three chances to give him a child before he starts killing. She refuses him twice and decides to throw a party with her friends( Luke, Cathy, Beth, Silvia, Jake, Rachel, and Ike) to celebrate her book sales. Grimmel appears again demanding for a child from Elizabeth and she refuses. It frees him and leaves a trail of blood to follow. 

He demands a child which he "is owed". Will Elizabeth bear a child to give to the jester or will her love interest Garrett save her? Watch this film to find out. I enjoyed this film very much. Make up was natural and complimented the appearances of the actors. Grimmel's make up design was good by using dark colors which coincides with the jester costume was perfect. Special effects were ok. 

I particularly loved the scene when Grimmel used Silvia as a puppet by her veins were quite memorable. Performance is believable but not enough to have me grip on to my seat. I wouldn't mind watching this movie again. In contrast to the film, I wished Harlequin's role was more interactive with the characters then she really was. If they are going to use a character, don't let them fade away or just cut it out altogether.

Overall this this film's magic trick of pure trickery earned itself the best three out of five juggling balls. Go to YouTube channel: Kings of Horror to watch this movie as well as others. Party with the amazing macabre cultist: JimJam and Jonny LeRoy at Tennessee Horror News. Tune in to The Horror Basement Podcast available on SoundCloud, Google Play, iTunes, and Stitcher Radio. Check out their merchandise including T-shirts and stickers to show off your devotion to the gore genre. 

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