The Houses October Built 2

Review By Yeti


Hearing about a sequel to a great movie is kind of like hearing that your favorite book is being adapted into a movie. You get excited but there’s part of you that just prays that it doesn’t suck. That’s how it is for me, anyway. That is exactly how I’ve felt about this movie for the past month or so. I loved the first Houses October Built and was thankfully not disappointed by the sequel.

This one starts off a little slow but the pace honestly adds to the feel of the movie rather than being a hindrance. It allows the movie to play more like the video of an awesome Halloween adventure that goes oh so wrong. Before shit hits the fan there are some shots of different haunts, a little exposition, and a brain eating contest with competitive eating juggernaut Takeru Kobayashi.  After they’re told several times to “Seek out Hellbent” they finally decide that, “Yes! Seeking out an elusive, secretive, extreme haunt is totally a good idea this year” and things start to slowly escalate from there.

The bulk of the film is shot in first person but I can’t remember any time when the camera was overly shaky. Even in a chase scene down dark hallways the camera stays fairly steady. The cinematography overall in this movie is top notch. I loved the drone footage they used, the high aerial shots were beautiful. Not only is this a really well shot film but the soundtrack for this movie is fucking rad. In fact, this is the first non-Disney film I’ve seen in a long time that has a soundtrack album. It is the only one I’ve seen that released said album on orange vinyl 7” singles. Yeah, it’s that damn cool.

Add to all that a plot that throws you plenty of “what the fuck?”  moments and a more than satisfying ending and you’ve got the makings of a killer film. Not only would I watch this again but I have every intention of watching both films back to back before hitting up haunts this season. Do yourself a favor, seek out Hellbent.

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