The Faith Community

Review By Yeti


The Faith Community follows three college students as they travel to visit a religious retreat in the wilderness. Soon after they get there things start to unravel and soon it is clear that they are in the clutches of a dangerous and bat shit crazy religious cult. So they get kind of what they were looking for but not quite.

This is a found footage film and the camerawork goes back and forth between really well done and nausea inducing. Sometimes it makes the switch several times within a couple scenes. There are some really solid shots done in the forest that somehow built more suspense; I was waiting on something or someone to slip out of the tree line or to catch a glimpse of a shadow in the trees. All in all it’s not the worst found footage I’ve seen and not the best either.

The performances in this film were great. There are moments when certain characters snap and are reduced to gibbering sobbing husks and they nailed it. Also, the cult members are incredibly creepy. Either these folks are good actors or they cast a bunch of real life creeps, either way it worked. The Messenger, as the leader calls himself, is at the same time insane, damaged, disturbing, and the most uncharismatic cult leader in history.

Bottom line, this wasn’t a bad film. I feel like the intention was to take a look at madness and the perversion of faith and it delivered on that front. There were some twists and turns, some good kills, and a really interesting storyline. My only real complaint with this movie was that it hung on to a couple of scenes longer than they probably should’ve. I think it was meant to be creepy or make the viewer uncomfortable but I was just annoyed. If you want to give every religious person that you meet from here on out a little bit of side eye, go ahead and check this out.