The Devil’s Well 

When a husband and wife paranormal investigation team check out an abandoned building that houses a well that is said to be a portal to Hell itself things go awry. Karla Marks (I got a couple laughs out of the name, not gonna lie) seemingly vanishes into thin air and all the fingers are pointed at her husband Bryan but no evidence can be gathered to prosecute him. One year later, Bryan hooks up with this old friend and partner in paranormal investigation to make a documentary in hopes of proving the existence of the paranormal and clear his name. For the most part, this movies uses the standard “paranormal investigation goes wrong” formula but it is done well and there are some unique twists.

The Devil’s Well is set up as a documentary and starts off with interviews. We get introduced to the team of ghost hunters, law enforcement involved with the investigation of Karla’s disappearance, and Karla’s family. This takes up almost the first half hour of the movie and honestly it just fucking drags. I actually had to check the scroll bar to make sure it wasn’t almost over at one point. I mean, you get plenty of exposition and character development that really helps to build the narrative but god damn is it boring as all hell. It’s all good though, because things pick up pretty quickly once the team gets to the building that houses the Devil’s Well.

The team is pretty standard; you’ve got a couple believers, a hardcore skeptic, a psychic, and a thrill seeker. They’re all more than just their tropes though and the cast works well together. My one real bitch is that during the credits there are interview clips with members of the team that really help to flesh them out. Why the hell didn’t we get these in the mix of all the other interview clips? It would’ve made that first half hour a lot more bearable.

The last twenty minutes or so of this movie are really satisfying. It’s one of those twists that clears everything up by raising a bunch of new questions. It didn’t exactly set itself up for a sequel but, I would definitely watch one if it were made in hopes of finding out what the hell is really going on.

All in all, I’d say give it a watch if you get a chance. It may not be groundbreaking but it is a good concept done well with one hell of an ending.

​By Yeti