Scooter here after a way too long absence with my, and my wife's, review of The Devil's Candy. We've all had an ear worm, a song that gets stuck in our heads, right? Well imagine that sound is the barely audible chant of the Devil himself. Not words so much as it's a controlling force, digging into your soul. This is the premise for The Devil's Candy. The movie comes from IFC Midnight and director Sean Byrne of The Loved Ones fame. It stars Ethan Embry, you may remember his brief stint on The Walking Dead. Also in the cast is Pruitt Taylor Vince who plays Ray, the simple minded pawn of the Devil. Embry, who plays Jessie, is a painter with a penchant for metal music and butterflies. Once Ray disposes of his parents and sets out on his own, Jessie and family purchase his now vacant home. They are quickly made aware of the deaths of the previous owners, with no mention of Ray. Almost immediately Jessie begins to hear the calling, as it affects both his art and his family. All the while Ray continues to collect candy for the Devil. Ray's search inextricably brings him home and into the lives of Jessie and his family, especially his teen age daughter Zoey. The backdrop of brutality and metal music blend impossibly well to a nail biting climax. We really enjoyed this flick, actually watched it twice, give it a look. For now, Scooter out!

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