The Dark Tapes Review By 



The Dark Tapes is a 2017 American found footage horror movie written and directed by Michael McQuown. The movie is an anthology and consist of four segments: To Catch a Demon, The Hunters & The Hunted, Cam Girls, Amanda’s Revenge and a short opening sequence titled Wrap Around.
This movie isn’t set up like a typical anthology film, where we see each story one following the other. It’s more like V/H/S where somebody discovers The Dark Tapes and plays them. A man and a woman find a camera sitting on a bench outside of a room. Inside the room is a hospital bed with blood on it and cameras surrounding it. In order to figure out what happened, they play the first tape. 
The first segment is titled ‘To Catch A Demon’ and is set in 2007. A professor and his students are setting up a science experiment in the room. They believe night terrors are actually demons which visit us while they sleep. They bring in a man who has night terrors and film him while he’s sleeping, in an attempt to prove their theory is correct by capturing a demon on film. Of course, things don’t go as planned and they soon regret their decision. We don’t get to see all of this segment at once, it’s split between 4 different tapes which are shown after each of the other segments, which I found annoying. The effects were good, but the acting was very bland. The storyline was interesting enough to keep the viewer watching. The demon is very creepy and well done.
The second segment is titled ‘The Hunters & The Hunted’ and is set in 2011. A couple movie into their new house and begin experiencing strange occurrences. They hear the sound of somebody’s footsteps walking across the ceiling. Objects begin moving around by themselves, strange noises and figures. They begin filming everything that happens and eventually seek the help of paranormal investigators. I really enjoyed this segment. Even though it seems like a predictable storyline, there’s a twist at the ending which I did not see coming. The acting was better in this segment but because it was filmed using a camcorder it’s very shaky. 
The third segment is titled ‘Cam Girls’ and is set in 2013. This segment is filmed via webcams and begins with a woman telling her friend over Skype that she keeps having blackouts and is doing things she wouldn’t normally do. She and her girlfriend make money by doing sexy cams shows together, but things take a strange turn and their cam shows turn very dark. This segment had an interesting storyline, it also has a few twists in the story which aren’t explained until the very end. The acting was good and it had very creepy images flashing on the screen throughout the segment. 
The fourth segment is named ‘Amanda’s Revenge’ and is set in 2015. It begins with a woman named Amanda telling the camera that she was kidnapped and a flashback begins from four months earlier, to explain what happened. The flashback begins with a group of young people at a party who witness two men drug Amanda and take her into one of the bedrooms. They stop the two men and beat them up before kicking them out of the house. When Amanda wakes up she begins acting very strange and acquires strange abilities. 
I love anthology movies because even if there’s only one segment that you like, it doesn’t feel like it was a waste of time watching it. They all have their individual characters, actors and storyline. Normal movies only have one storyline, so if you don’t like it the whole movie is ruined. Each segment of this movie has a unique storyline, average acting, good special effects and they’re definitely not predictable. Overall I give this movie 6/10