​The Curse of Sleeping Beauty is an American fantasy horror movie directed by Pearry Reginald Teo and written by Teo and Josh Nadler.
Thomas Kaiser (Ethan Peck) has been plagued by vivid dreams about a sleeping woman named Briar Rose (India Eisley) who he must kiss to wake up, for his entire adult life. In the dreams he also sees a creepy old two story house. When he wakes from these dreams he suffers from terrifying sleep paralysis and visions of monsters. One day he gets a call from a law firm informing him that an uncle he has never met has committed suicide and left him a house in his will, the same house that he has been dreaming about. His uncle also leaves him a letter which tells him that although his bloodline is able to access all parts of the property, he must never enter the hidden rooms below the basement because they are sealed for a good reason. After visiting the house and realizing that it is a shithole, he decides to get it appraised and sell it as soon as possible. He meets a young woman named Linda (Natalie Hall) who is a relater, but seems more like a journalist asking him a lot of strange questions. She soon reveals that over 50 people have disappeared from the house and one of them was her younger brother. Thomas soon finds out that his new house is not only home to his sleeping beauty, but also to an army of demons and evil spirits who guard her.
I downloaded this movie a couple of months ago, thinking that it was more of a fantasy type fairy-tale movie, instead of a horror movie, but it’s mostly horror. Partway through the movie I felt like I had seen the main actor in a movie before, he has a very distinct deep voice. Then I remembered that he was in Nothing Left to Fear and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. (Love me some Cage).
The house he inherited is very creepy. There’s very little light, lots of broken down parts and it’s filled with creepy mannequins. My favorite room of the house is the dining room, which is set up for a fancy dinner, except that there are mannequin heads served on the dinner plates instead of food. That’s going to make one creepy-ass dinner party. Like most horror movies this one has a couple of jump scares, but they are done well and aren’t timed at stupid moments. The ghosts/demons look really cool and creepy; they remind me of the monsters from Silent Hill. The lead actor does a great job, as well as most of the supporting actors. I wasn’t a fan of Natalie Hall, I’m not sure if it was her acting or her character, either way this movie would have been better without her. The settings and cinematography was great and I really enjoyed the creepy fairy-tale style music throughout the movie. One thing I both loved and hated was the ending, it’s a massive cliff-hanger. But the writers are planning on doing another 2 movies to continue the story, so hopefully that happens!

💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 /10

I recommend giving this one a watch if you can handle the cliff-hanger style ending. The best way to describe it is one very fucked up fairy-tale!​

Review by Bluebird from Horror Amino