​    The Answer: A Review

by Luce Allan


With a concentrated dose of science fiction at its core, The Answer (2016) follows Bridd Cole, an office employee who enjoys the tedium of his average life while he persistently buries his childhood as an orphan and his extraordinary intelligence. Soon after stepping out of his comfort zone by pursuing a romance with his vivacious co-worker, Charlotte, Bridd is forced to pursue the mysteries of his past as he becomes the target of an experimental facility.

The Answer sparkles with increasingly interesting plot development and moments of genuine creativity. While the concept of experimental facilities is common in the genres of science fiction and horror, some of the unique devices used in the film help to sustain the interest of the viewer. Austin Hébert (Bridd) and Alexis Carra (Charlotte) enhance their characters with likable and authentic performances, and the romance between the two characters is endearing. A refreshing factor in their relationship is their teamwork, which casts aside the cliché of the female lead fading into the background and replaces it with an equal amount of effort between the two leads. David S. Lee, who portrays the Leader, is an excellent antagonist whose performance is brilliantly sinister.

Although the plot is generally balanced, there are a couple of elements that lacked harmony in their timing. While the romance between Bridd and Charlotte is sweet, the development is rushed, causing the relationship to occasionally feel unrealistic. In contrast, while the action scenes were solid, the film's pace would have been tighter if more of those scenes had been included.

Overall, The Answer is a solid sci-fi/horror film that leans more toward the former genre than the latter, and may intrigue those who enjoy horror with a science fiction bent.