If you're looking to lighten the mood a little and give your deep fried black heart a rest, may i suggest Teenage Ghost Punk. Written and directed by Mike Cramer, Teenage Ghost Punk is a light-hearted story of teenage love and rebellion, of both the living and the dead. Our story starts with recently divorced Carol (Adria Dawn) moving her unwilling children Amanda and Adam to a quaint new Victorian house in their new home of Chicago. Upended and alone, Amanda (Grace Madigan), your typical pissed at everything teenage girl, withdraws from everyday social interaction and slips into the new girl at school blues. That is until things start to go bump in the night and she's visited by a spectral, nocturnal guitarist named Brian Flynn. Brian (Jack Cramer) our very own teenage poltergeist punk rocker from the 70's, died while playing guitar in the rain and literally rode the lightning to the other side. Now he spends his days rebelliously serenading Amanda and getting emotionally scarred when people walk through him. Amanda and Brian become an instant, interdimensional power couple from the start, while Amanda begins to see dead people everywhere and realizes....dead people are the best people. This movie is a fun departure from most horror fans usual meat & potato diet of gore and violence. Midnight Releasing brings us this tender tale of unrequited teenage love and an unconventional spoof on all things paranormal. Teenage Ghost Punk is out now for your viewing pleasure.

​Review by The Great Beludini