‚ÄčTasmanian Devils

Review by D

How y'all doing, mate? I managed to go to the outback in Australia. I just love the wilderness here and the fresh sand dust out here. Desert rats scattered around the Australian ground. It reminds me about our next sickening film. It is about base jumpers going for a thrill jump only to end up being hunted. Echo Bridge Entertainment presents Tasmanian Devils.

Base jumpers (Stone, Jayne, Simon, Walsh, Anderson, and Lisbon) fly over towards the Australian cliffs to do illegal jumping. They land and gear up to prepare for the jump. Stone jumped first ; but impaled himself into stalactite which triggers the beasts to rip him to shreds. Rest of the jumpers land safely then search for Stone. Anderson finds a cave opening leading to a cave on the ground.

He goes down to investigate to find Stone's body. He freaks and instructs everyone to head to the helicopter. Unfortunately for them, Rangers Alex, Danz, and Whitfield arrested them for illegal jumping off sacred aboriginal grounds. Jumpers informs them of a body in the cave and they go to see if they are telling the truth. 

They were and they quickly try to get back to their truck. Heading back, Whitfield gets ambushed by the beast. Alex and Danz try to find Whitfield only to discover horrid beast ripping Whitfield apart. They run away but only Alex make it to the truck alive. They hide in a tree where Alex tells them these creatures are Tasmanian devils. They will relentlessly hunt them till they are dead. Alex propose to go to the weather tower to contact help while Anderson decided the group should fly out to safety from the helicopter. 

The group opted for helicopter and now heading for it now. Can they get out of the devils' reach? You will have to watch this film to find out for yourself. Performance was good especially with blending the personalities of the different characters with a certain situation was excellent. There was some blood but not enough to get excited about. Special effects were impressive! The handmade flamethrower was fantastic and the way the creatures burst through the piled up rocks were astounding. Monsters however looked like lava wolves not Tasmanian devils.

Overall these scavengers earned the best 3 out of five sacrificial chambers. I couldn't find any websites where you can buy this film but if you do then let me know. If you check your cable listings, go to SYFY channel to see what time it will be showing. Also go hang out with my favorite horror enthusiasts: JimJam and Jonny LeRoy at Tennessee Horror News for exclusive interviews, commentaries, and other things horror. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Horror Amino Tune in to the podcast available  on Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes and Stitcher Radio. 

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