Sightings Review
By Yeti


Sightings is a sci-fi creature feature with a fresh twist. Sheriff Tom Mayfield and his teenage daughter Hannah live on a ranch in Texas. We come into their story after wife and mother Lilly has left home and neither her daughter, her husband, nor her conspiracy-theorist brother are taking it well. Tom has decided to retire as sheriff and on his last night on the force the bodies of three women are dumped on his property; most of them are largely unharmed minus the one thing they all have in common: large abdominal surgical incisions from which their organs were removed. Since the bodies appeared on his property, Tom is considered the only suspect in the murders of these women. The investigation ends up uncovering more answers than anyone could imagine.

Let’s start with the issues I had with this movie. Hannah is an aspiring writer who wants desperately to get an article published. After several rejections she has a great article literally dumped in her back yard in the form of hollow lady corpses. When she turns up to photograph the crime scene, her father informs her that she will have to turn all of her photos over to the police and forbids her from writing about the thing that is about to be all over the local news anyway. He doesn’t believe in the paranormal so hard that it makes him scream at his daughter for continuing work on her article. He had literally just helped her escape a fucking bigfoot and he’s still yelling about the article that she isn’t allowed to write. Tom is pretty much a total dick to everyone in the film until he gets squatched. Being taunted and attacked by a ten foot tall skunk ape has a way of changing perspectives, I reckon. There is another scene where they have expanded the investigation and have new information that would lead a rational person to believe that Tom definitely had nothing to do with the hollow corpses from nowhere. Instead of letting Tom know he’s no longer under suspicion the detective tells him not to leave town. Then again, that guy is a dick up until he gets squatched too. He dies though. Which I guess would be a perspective changer too.

Other than those two scenes, this was a pretty solid movie. Pacing is on point and I loved how they handled the creatures. You never get a good look at them but there is also no doubt what they are dealing with. There is some character development and even though it was predictable, it was handled well. I won’t give away the big twist here but I will say that it was just so damned cool. I will tell you this: we find out why no one ever finds a bigfoot corpse or gets solid video or photo evidence of their existence.

In the trailer for this movie it is inferred that the cast would be dealing with aliens and sasquatches; I saw that and got fucking excited, y’all. I love bigfoot movies and those movies that are so bad they’re good. I just knew that this movie was going to check both of those boxes. So, I went into this movie buzzed and ready to be covered in more cheese than some Waffle House hashbrowns. It didn’t happen, though. I mean, it’s not Oscar material but it isn’t a bad movie by a long shot. If you’re a fan of bigfoot flicks and are in the mood for something different, check this one out.