Jim is a writer/director living in LA and the writer/director behind the award-winning short films I'm Not Matt Damon, Going Down There and Minutes. He is a passionate filmmaker and he's looking to finally make the leap into feature films with his first feature film being the most entertaining and awesome of all genres: horror. The film is called SCYTHE. It's a psychological SLASHER THRILLER in the same vein of Halloween, Saw & Hitchcock. While the genre seems like it has been done to death, THE FILM is unique: IT'S REAL. IT'S REALISTIC. It's realistic in setting and realistic in tone. The film has a human interest dramatic element that actually takes the time to focus on developing THREE DIMENSIONAL characters that actually have lives, that we actually care about and are not like the "nothing could ever happen to me because I'm invincible" teens you find in most horror films. Painstaking research was done to avoid the exceedingly annoying, eye-rolling horror film cliques the slasher genre is known for. You won't find any characters running upstairs when they should be going out the front door, or identifying themselves by calling out "Whose There" in the dark, or tripping over absolutely nothing. They can actually run! Hehe. The film is suspense-based, intensity-based, fear-based, not gore-based. They are also employing modern technology like PERISCOPE as characters to heighten the suspense of the film. They launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to raise the second half of their financing. It's a $100,000 feature and they already raised HALF. They just need the other half! He's halfway to living the dream! So far they are at $10,777! They shot 15 minutes of footage to show their investors and because it was a complete short, they submitted up to festivals. They premiered at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival AND on April 8th, they will be screening at the 40th Cleveland International Film Festival. As you know independent film exists because passionate filmmakers like Jim decided to not let anything stand in his way in the pursuit of making and sharing his passion projects to everyone. He's been fortunate enough to be able to finance his own projects till now, but on this one he needs some help. They are trying to do all they can to raise awareness about their campaign. So lets help them out.

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