Sacrilege Review
By Yeti

Carefree college student Jessica buys her friend a beautiful wooden music box as a birthday gift. It doesn’t take long for them to find out that it is the worst birthday present ever. Turns out the box holds a demonic entity and some tortured souls. Exorcisms, death, and madness ensue. She definitely should have just got a gift card.

This movie checked a lot of boxes for me. I’m a fan of possession flicks; doesn’t matter if it’s a person or an item if there’s a demon involved I’m interested. Bonus points for something a little new and refreshing. I love hearing Linda Blair speak Latin and spew obscenities as much as the next guy but it’s nice to see something other than the standard “demon just mucking about being a dickhead” bit again. This demon feeds on people both physically and spiritually then tops it all off by convincing themselves to commit suicide. The demon also happens to take the most terrifying form possible: an extra adorable little blonde girl. Is it just me or are ghost/demon children creepy as all hell?

Tying all of that together is a pretty interesting plot, some solid acting, and pacing that I thought was just right. I was left wondering what the hell was going on just long enough for it to start to bother me then the exposition came in the probably the best possible way. The kills are pretty good. Not super gory, but very well done. My favorite was when Jessica’s boyfriend bought it. I had been waiting for that dude to die pretty much the whole film and it was a damn fine payoff. The real gold, though, is watching them lose their sanity to the demon before they die.

All in all, if you’re down with some demons and some good story telling give this one a watch. Also, I just want to give a shout out to High Octane Pictures I don’t think I’ve watched a bad movie from them Nobody paid me to say that; I just felt like it needed to be said.