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Red Christmas 

Review By Bradford 


‚ÄčLadies and gentlemen, for your visceral viewing pleasure I give you....Red Christmas. Produced by and starring none other than scream queen Dee Wallace (Cujo, The Howling, Critters, The Hills Have Eyes.) Now gather around children and I'll tell you this magical tale of Christmas in the land down under. In The film, the Christmas miracle doesn't begin with a virgin birth, but with the bombing of an abortion clinic and a tiny, twisted fetal hand emerging from a bloody bucket of discarded lives. Now fast forward to present day Australia as a squabbling family gathers to celebrate the holiday, unknowing of the gruesome fate that awaits them. With bickering siblings and stoned uncles, Dee Wallace maintains her calm, matriarchal demeanor. She perfectly encapsulates the modern day June Cleaver with not only her grace and poise, but also her nearly toothache-inducing sweetness. You look at her and immediately think warm and fuzzily....Mom. This Mama Bear isn't all Snuggle fabric softener and apple pies cooling on the windowsill though. Like all of us, she's carrying a dark secret with her. One so vile and grotesque, it will ultimately consume her and her beloved family in its vengeful flames. Thankfully the holly jolly family banality is cut short when a cloaked stranger comes to the door. A ghost of Christmas past if you will. Enter Cletus (the undying fetus) who has come in search of the mother who chose otherwise. After having his hopes of reuniting with his mother crushed, his misshapen mind is sent into a bloodthirsty rage. What follows is your basic boogie man formula but with Australian accents and Christmas lights. He picks them off one by one in some truly inventive and horrific ways (blender lobotomy being my personal favorite) After watching her entire family butchered, Dee summons both the will and wrath that only a mother could...but will it be enough? You might not like the answer. All around I thought this was a fun film to watch. The kills were creative and filled with splatter for the whole family to enjoy. I was let down with the unmasking and make up FX on Cletus though. I was hoping for a Pluto from The Hills Have Eyes remake, but got a Sloth from the Goonies fucked Count Chocula instead. Writer and director Craig Anderson does a great job with the plot and really keeps the pace of the story as each twist connects to the past. Artsploitation Films will have this Red Christmas ready before Halloween, releasing on Blu-ray, DVD & VOD all available nationwide on October 17th for your ghoulish viewing pleasure.