Psychos, a tale of abuse, torment and the dismemberment of both the human body and mind. In the beginning, we meet our three separate hot messes, Angelica Chitwood, the sloppy drunk Ginger Spice who wears fingerless Mr. T gloves so she can throat punch you better. Deniele Cloutier, our resident mad scientist who prefers to stay in and watch The Craft as she dissects live rats. And my favorite, Melissa Elena Jones, the sweet, innocent and ever so psychotic Lizzy Borden of the trio. So beautiful, so incredibly damaged, each in their own spiral trajectory down the drain. That is until suddenly a text from an elusive tormenter brings them together again. You think you know what this movie is about from the start, these girls were molested as children and now they have assembled the Lorena Bobbitt A-Team of crazy girls out for revenge. I mean that's what I thought at least, but with every progressive scene, the road bends a little. You find yourself going down an ever darker path and you wind up somewhere in between People Under the Stairs and The House of Usher. There's not much I can say without giving away the many subtle layers of mind fuck this movie has in store. It's a great story and I think they did an excellent job telling it. Its almost as if they were peeling layers of an onion. These beautiful, impossibly twisted gals certainly put on a show worth watching. Psychos is available now on Amazon for your deviant viewing pleasure.
Review by The Great Beludini