Any day you get to watch a zombie/stripper movie is a good day, but the day you get to watch Peelers is an even better day. Peelers is brought to us by Pounds Pictures in association with Sleep Apnea Productions and tells the tale of a small town strip club owner Blue Jean (DONT call her BJ) played by the absolute bombshell that is Wren Walker. It's your basic plight of the heroine trying to keep her club open and her gals safe, but everything goes squirrelly when a group of would be miners come into the story. Apparently they dug a little too deep and unearthed some unholy black goo which turns them into and I quote "infected, psychopathic, cocksucking killers." These aren't your average, everyday zombies. These are zombies who made terrible life decisions, started smoking meth and playing with knives....Oh and shooting them in the head just plain doesn't work. The plot grinds at some points but the dialogue is hilarious and keeps it going (muff & turf, thundercunt, etc). The director of photography, Lindsay George, does a great job. You actually feel like you're in a strip club, except without the sticky walls and potential cold sores. Now I've seen all manner of zombie killing in my day, but never have I seen it done by weaponized beer or deadly golden showers. Yes, you read that correctly. Everybody in this movie does a great job and even the pregnant stripper could kick my ass. All around this is just a fun movie with a great twist for an ending. PLEASE stay tuned until after the first credits for without a doubt the best part of the movie, Blue Jean shows you her fast ball! Peelers is out March 28th and definitely a good time to be had. With any good time, make it better with alcohol. I give you the Peelers drinking game. Anytime someone vomits, pisses or a pregnant woman's water breaks, take a shot of tequila just like the ill-fated miners in the movie. Enjoy.

​Review by The Great Beludini from