In this sexy, cerebral thriller, we join our lovable band of aspergian coders as they crunch the numbers for the launch of their new dating app, Other Halves. Through some freakish glitch in the matrix, the app releases what Carl Jung described as the "shadow self", a beast of pure impulse, ravenous for the darkest of human desires. Sex, violence and murder all stem from the same chemical in your brain and Other Halves has found the psychotropic tap to the human naughty keg. In this sadistic, technological game of Clue, how can we find out who the killer is when there's a killer in us all? 

This is a fun flick and definitely one to watch with your very own Tinderella or Craigslist Killer. What the movie lacks in overall gore it makes up for with superb storytelling, an uber creepy vibe and a cast that turns every scene into the tightening of a guitar string, slowly building the tension until the blood curdling, twangy POP! Other Halves is out now on Amazon Video, Google Play and iTunes. Happy dating!

Review by The Great Beludini