Mask Maker Review

By D

Hello gore fans! I am so damned to be here on Tennessee Horror News with some tantalizing films to make your blood curl in fear. LeatherFace and I were talking about people I should hook up with when he mentioned about his far distance cousin named Leonard. He told me he is a mommy's boy and shy. He even handed me our next terror film. It is about a young couple whom buy a old house with dark history. Active Entertainment presents Mask Maker.

Young college student couple Jennifer and Evan bought a old Tucker house to fix up to turn as a profit for her birthday. They invite their friends (Annette, Hilary, Ken, and Mike) to aid in the repairs. Everything seems fine until Evan pulls a staff out of the graveyard. Unleashing an ax wielding deformed Lenoard killing off their friends one by one. Mr. Peck reveals about the dark history of the Tucker property. 

Now it is a fight for survival for Jennifer. Will she be able to send Leonard back to hell? Or will Leonard quench his bloodlust? You will have to watch the film to find out. If you blend Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Friday the 13th, you will have this film. The flashbacks were good but they don't really fully tell you the story about Leonard. I wish the story would reveal more on the Tucker hose and Leonard. Special effects were spot on. Blood splatter was realistic to the point I couldn't tell exactly what is used to make it. Make up on Leonard look is eerie.

At the particular scene when Leonard was in the cellar taking off his human skinned face mask revealing a part of his face. It reminded me of the Creeper. Performance is believable to the point of me suspecting a sequel to this film somewhere. However it bleats out most of the cuss words except bitch. They also cover up the middle finger gesture. Go to YouTube channel: Popcornflix to watch this film as well as others you might like. 

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