Martys (2015) Review

Ten-year-old Lucie (Troian Bellisario) escapes from captivity and confinement. She tells the police what happened to her and they return to the scene of the crime, only to discover that the site is abandoned. At this stage it is only implied what happened to her, we don’t see any flashbacks or hear what exactly she told the police. The backstory unravels throughout the film and we are given glimpses of what actually occurred. Lucie is sent to an orphanage where she keeps to herself and won’t talk about what happened to her. She begins having terrifying hallucinations of a violent monster who tries to hurt her and is plagued by night terrors.  She befriends a young girl name Anna (Bailey Noble) and we get to briefly see their friendship evolve and how much Anna helps Lucie. At this stage there still isn’t any answers about what happened to Lucie, or the identity of the people who held her captive and why. There are a few jump scares and the ‘monster’ who terrorises Lucie is creepy and mysterious.
10 years later a nice suburban family has their home invaded and is massacred by young woman with a shotgun. She kills the parents instantly and then asks their teenage son if he knew what his parents were doing, when she didn’t get the answer she needed she shot him and his younger sister too. This young woman is Lucie all grown up and she is going after the people who held her captive and tortured her when she was a girl. Still traumatised, slightly crazy and out for revenge, Lucie is still chased by the monster who attached itself to her many years ago. After murdering the family, she calls her friend Anna and tells her to come to the house and see the people who hurt her. When Anna gets to the house and finds the entire family dead she freaks out. Which is a normal response to your best friend killing a bunch of people, is it not? She doesn’t believe Lucie when she says those are the people responsible for kidnapping her as a child because she has no proof except Lucie’s word. After leaving the house Lucie is attacked by the monster again and Anna returns just in time to stop Lucie’s death. After exploring the house Anna finds a basement full of cells and photographs of young girls being tortured, hung on walls like some kind of sick art gallery. After she finds a young girl chained in one of the cells the three of them are captured by the same people who hurt Lucie all those years ago. This is where the torture begins.
I decided to watch this movie before I wanted the original Martyrs movie. 90% of the reviews I read said that this movie does not stand up to the original and that it’s a terrible remake. I think watching this movie with fresh eyes made me enjoy it more than fans of the original will. I suggest if you have seen the original, try not to compete the two so much, otherwise you may not enjoy this movie. I think the story was kind of unique, when we learn who the ‘bad guys’ are and why they are torturing young girls. I also liked their definition of the word ‘Martyr’ and how Lucie was unique to the other girls they had captured. She's basically tortured to the brink of death to satisfy the torturous cults obsession with finding a glimpse of what the afterlife holds.
Although there are some creepy jump scares in the beginning, it’s definitely more of a psychological slasher revenge type of movie so it’s not scary. I was a little disappointed with the amount of gore in this movie. From what I’ve heard the original rates very high on the gore-o-metre, but in this it was fairly tame. The acting is great and I really felt sympathy for the girls genuinely wanted them to get their revenge and live happily ever after. It is a well-made movie that looks and sounds fantastic. It is a very emotional movie. I’m not sure how the original movie ends but the ending for this movie was a little bland, it didn’t leave a huge impact.
💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 /10
It’s not the best movie I’ve seen, but it’s definitely an above-average horror movie which is slightly unique and enjoyable to watch. If you haven’t seen the original, watch this one first. If you have seen the original, try not to compare the two and don’t start the film with a negative headspace.