I love horror shorts. No, not the Daisy Duke denims the buxom camp counselor's wearing as she gets beheaded by a hockey-masked freak, but rather, the short horror film format on YouTube and the wealth therein. There's no time or place for backstory, no fucking about. Much like a dream, you're thrust into the middle, with neither a sense of beginning nor end. Point in case, LILITU, director Richard Lowry's nine minute taste of terror, shot beautifully on 35 mm and starring the ever more beautiful, Johana Rae (clutches heart ❤ 😫), Watchmen's own Greg Travis and Lilith herself, Nina Sallinen. I won't waste your time lying, I want Miss Rae's career to fail so hopefully she'll be forced into pornography....but I don't see it happening. She's a superb actress, exhibiting a rare feel for fear, whether it be the chin-rumbling fright or the panicked breath delivering of lines....she kills it. The entire cast is on point, drawing you into this nightmarish Rosemary's Baby-esque astral projection of every parent's mortal horror. One minute into this tale based on Lilith, the dark creature of ancient lore, you'll agree. 

Review by The Great Beludini