‚ÄčLegend Has It

Review By D

I love a man with long shaggy hair. Easy to hide my daggers in those ragged matted mess and they are a beast in bed. Mmmmm thinking about it takes us to our next horror film. It is about a film crew who get more than they bargain for. Hollywood Midnight Film Productions presents Legend Has It.

Back in 1974, the Hutchins family were brutally murdered in their home while at the dinner table. Now ambitious film director/tv host Bryan Bale is determined his documentary will make him famous. His project is the haunted Hutchins House. Cameraman Martin Tucker, Sound Olie, his friend Carson Haley along with girlfriend Roxanne Perry is onboard except Make up artist Kelly who has a bad feeling about the house.

They go there and record footage of inside the house while recounting the horrorific events and spend the night there. During the night, they do a seance to speak with the dead. Kelly dreams about the Hutchins family and they warn her to leave the house. In the morning, they go to town to interview Sheriff Walker about Hutchins murder.  With the exception of Olie and now ex-girlfriend Roxanne stayed behind for devilish fun. 

This is when Kelly finds out by the town drunk that the Hutchins family had another son named Willie. She tries to get everyone out of the house. In fact, Willie is at the house now and he is ready to kill. If you are looking for a film to have a good laugh this is for you. Story plot was good how they executed the story was frightening in a bad way. Make up effects were horrendous. They made Willie look like he glued hair all over his body. Aminatronics for opening and closing eye is a waste and should have been cut out of the movie.

They could have concealed the polyfoam for chopping off Roxanne's head better. The quick cut scenes to another scene were puzzling and seem like the chunk of the film is missing with each scene transition. Performance made me fall asleep if it wasn't for the constant howling of the wolves in my maseloum. Special effects were ok. Blood was easily corn syrup and food coloring mixture nothing special. If I had to be punished for being a bad girl, then making me watch this film will be punishment enough for me.

Sorry Bryan but you are given one out of five drunkards for this film. I guess you need to stay in film school another four years. Go to YouTube channel: Kings of Horror to watch this film as well as others you might get chained up to. George Romero lost his fight to lung cancer yesterday at age 77. Condolences to family and friends. Romero, you will be deeply missed. 

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