Killer Rack...A bizarrely funny social commentary on the perils of narcissism, plastic surgery and objectifying women. We meet Betty, our unbuxom beaut, as she endures the daily drone of mean girl coworkers and deuche canoe men. With each flat-chested insult, she finds herself slipping into the grips of self obsession and doubt. But with one visit to Dr. Frankenstein's tit minute clinic she's suddenly transformed into an empowered belle of the ball. "But with great cup size comes great responsibility." Our once shy Betty becomes a maneater...quite literally. Imagine a mash up between Anna Nicole Smith's breasts and 1986's Critters and you get some idea of what's in store. As if unhooking a bra wasn't already awkward enough, now there's the possibility of losing a digit or god forbid even your life if you make it to third base. These dueling twin howitzers have a mind of their own though and compel Betty much like Mr. Hyde beckoned Dr. Jekyll. This movie is a joke, not in the negative sense, but rather a witty parody on society's obsession with science building a better tomato. Full of funny quips, absurd situations and eye-popping bowchikawowows, Killer Rack is a fun watch, not for the faint of cleavage nor the social justice warrior who can't take a joke.

Review by The Great Beludini