Along with other news sites we have also received these spoilers from an anonymous source.

Major Spoilers Below 

1) The creeper is shown in the 1400's as an old doctor who wants to become immortal so he finds an old lady/witch and pays her to make him immortal, but he pays her with fake cash so she makes him immortal, but curses him as well. That explains why he's good at cutting up people and stitching them back together and such
2) The old lady herself is immortal and has been around since then and is still alive to this day and she is the one who wakes up the creeper every 23 years for 23 days. The only way to kill the creeper is to kill the old lady which should happen in part 4.
3) Sgt Tubbs will be a huge character this time around and finds Darrys body from the end of the 1sg film and they even show Darrys funeral, which is where they meet meg fosters character who I believe is the one who has the info about the creeper and the old lady.
4) Stan Shaw plays a sheriff named tashtego who has also been tracking the creeper since the creeper took his wife 23 years earlier. There is a scene where he tells them the way to beat the creeper is to take his truck (which the police have) and get someone to drive it down the road and when the creeper comes by to take it back, he wants all sorts of cops piled in the back of it to shoot the shit out of him when he enters the drivers seat but instead the creeper hits the side of the truck and flips it and I guess kills all the cops but tashtego gets out and starts running and before the creeper gets him another cop shoots the creeper, making the creeper retreat.
5) There will be a scene with the creeper chilling in a tree sharpening his ax.
6) The pic of the kid on the ruck is when dirt bike kids find the creepers truck abandoned and report it to the cops, which is why the cops have it.
7) The creeper will speak in this film, which is how we know he took Shaw's wife bc he mentions it.
8) In the end Shaw challenges the creeper to a fist fight and ends up getting a fist thru his stomach. The creeper then throws tubbs against a tree, puts both of them in the back of his truck and sets it on fire and fly's away but tubbs climbs out before it blows up.
9) The ending shows Trish visiting Tubbs in the hospital, which then sets up part 4 where she returns