I am Alone

Review Yeti


I am Alone is a solid zombie flick that is set in the mountains of Colorado. A reality TV team is in the Rockies shooting an episode of I am Alone a survival show in the same vein as Man Versus Wild minus the camera crew; Jacob is truly alone in the wilds. This is a cool setup because shortly after the shit hits the fan our lone survivalist is infected by a tent wrecking, flannel clad zombie. The attack and the resulting transformation are all caught on Jacob’s cameras.  Instead of a quick transformation, the virus takes days to set in and may never actually take over his mind completely. It’s an interesting process to watch and the real reason I was looking forward to checking this movie out. I honestly don’t dig on zombie films; lately they’ve been done to death or undeath. Whatever. You know what I mean. I am sick and tired of zombies, but an interesting concept is an interesting concept.

While Jacob is traversing the wilderness, the other members of his crew – Mason and Guy Who Dies too Early to Remember his name – are in town shooting interviews for the show. Their interviews keep getting botched because of all the commotion going on in the background. People are running away, theres some awfully ill looking people shuffling about at one point, but the disruption culminates with a hand cannon headshot before a swarm of zombies comes in and turns Mason’s partner into lunch. I’ve never tried to shoot interviews on the street before, but I would say that probably just killed the mood altogether.  Now what I really like about this is how real the overall reaction feels to me. Everyone isn’t running to their bunkers or breaking out the heavy artillery, they’re not even panicking in the beginning unless they are face to face with the undead. The overall reaction is confusion. I feel like if a zombie outbreak actually happened there would be a lot more people looking around wondering what the fuck was going on than anything else.

The footage captured by Mason and Jacob is shown to Mason in a locked CDC bunker as a doctor tries to figure out why exactly it took Jacob so long to turn. It’s a thin premise but I’ve seen way worse. The exchanges between Mason and the doc are pretty solid and it helps to move the plot along. My favorite part about this movie is still Jacob slowly losing his mind and his humanity in the wilderness. There have been many failed attempts to make zombies more sympathetic over the past few years but this isn’t one of them. I actually felt bad for Jacob. Even if this movie failed on every other front, which it didn’t, it succeeded in forming an emotional connection between the audience and the undead. Call it what you want, zombie flick, B movie, horror film, it doesn’t matter how you label it I am Alone is a good movie. Watch it, you’ll probably agree.