Hell’s Kitty

Writer and director Nicholas Tana stars as himself in this autobiographical horror comedy inspired by the true tales of his possessed and possessive cat. If you think your cat is an asshole, just wait until you get a load of Angel. She gives “My Cat from Hell” a whole new meaning. Nicholas just wants to be a normal dude but Angel wants to make sure that she is the only pussy in his life. Even if that means she has to kill or maim any woman who comes close to him. The body count rises as failed attempts to get laid and exorcise the jealous spirit from Angel continue.

    First off, I’m going to say that this film deserves more buzz than it is getting. The cast is crazy! You’ve got Doug Jones, Michael Berryman, Adrienne Barbeau, and Jon Franklin making the best cameo in horror movie history. That’s just a handful of the genre icons packed into this movie. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not just the cast that makes this movie. The writing is great. The jokes and scares play off of one another perfectly and they never miss a chance to land a solid pussy pun. The practical effects are on point and the digital stuff is just cheesy enough to be awesome.  Overall it’s funny, spooky, and crazy as fuck. If you’re in the mood for some great campy horror comedy with an 80’s vibe you can’t go wrong with “Hell’s Kitty”.

    “Hell’s Kitty” isn’t just a movie! There’s also a web series and a comic book. Granted they are pretty much the same story but there is a certain charm in watching the story unfold in three or four minute episodes online even if you’ve already watched the film. I would assume that the comic would feel just as fresh even after taking in the movie and web series. I plan to find out.

Let’s take a moment to talk about that web series though. From what I can tell after watching about a quarter of the series, the movie is basically all the episodes edited together with the production value slightly bumped up. So, not only did Nicholas Tana get all these big names together for a movie, he got them for a web series and to me that’s even cooler. My hat is truly off to that dude.      You can catch “Hell’s Kitty” on VOD March 13th and if you want a physical copy, the DVD release is March 27th. You can get the Hell’s Kitty comic by Nicholas Tana on Amazon in ebook or paperback while you’re there preodering the DVD. Either way, check this one out. Who knows, maybe demon pussy is just what you need in your life.

​By Yeti