Next up is Sav (@savannierey), a young goth artist turned scare actor and model who is new to the scene but diving in head first. A lover of all things Tim Burton and the Dee Snider horror classic Strangeland, she credits her father with introducing her to horror movies as a young girl. If you were fortunate enough to make it out to the Nashville Nightmare this Halloween season, you’ll no doubt recognize Sav as Sleeping (Creeping) Beauty. She takes pride in her work as a professional haunter but even more pride in being a mother. You’ll find her listening to Slipknot or Marilyn Manson as she concocts a host of beard oils and body products for sale online.

If you follow us on Instagram -and why wouldn’t you?- you’ve probably noticed three very lovely ladies posing in ads for the website and projects that are going on at Tennessee Horror News. Each of them are gorgeous, stylish, and above all else just a little spooky and have joined the crew to help spread a little horror through the Volunteer State. But they’re more than pretty, blood soaked faces. These women are embodiments of the horror lifestyle and culture that continues to grow all across the nation. So, without further adieu, let’s introduce you to the Hell’s Belles.

Stephanie (@vonbast) is a California girl whose love of horror dates back to her childhood where her parents introduced her to genre classics on film and in literature. Reading the works of Edgar Allen Poe and watching movies with Vincent Price and Peter Cushing began a lifelong love affair with horror that only grew as she indulged in An American Werewolf in London, Reanimator, and The Thing. A huge John Carpenter fan her last concert experience was seeing the acclaimed horror director/composer live at the Palladium. Her scream queen idol is the phenomenal Barbara Crampton. For as long as she can remember she’s been a lover of the strange and macabre whose dream of becoming a special effects artist has blossomed into the hope of one day writing, directing, and starring in her own horror film.

These ladies are a proud part of the growing horror community here in the South and across the world. Follow them on Instagram for updates on their work, projects that they’re becoming involved in -which we’ll be covering- and just to get a glimpse at some of the best macabre modeling you’ll find anywhere online. Who knows, you might even meet them and the rest of the Tennessee Horror crew at a convention in the not too distant future. For inquiries about hiring these beautiful women to model or act in your production, contact them directly. If you’re interested in joining the Tennessee Horror News Hell’s Belles as a model email a couple of shots or a link to your profile to and be sure to list Hell’s Belles in the subject line.

Hell's Belles

Jesseca (@xxlace_me_upxx) is a Jill of all trades. A sideshow performer, tattoo artist, actress, and model there isn’t a lot that she doesn’t do. Making gaff and monsters for sideshows she has a passion for art and taxidermy. But her talents don’t stop there. She’s also an artist, a photographer, and a devotee of heavy metal music traveling with bands like Butcher Babies and Nekrogoblikon and was involved in a premiere for Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival. Her favorite horror film is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love Leatherface?! With a full sleeve of tattoos devoted to the horror characters and films she loves, Jesseca is a badass horror chick and is great to have as one of the Hell’s Belles.