Within the first 10 minutes of turning this movie on I quickly realized I'd thoroughly enjoy it.

The opening scene is presented with music reminiscent to that heard in old school 80's slasher horror flicks. The entire movie is shot in black and white lending to a campy vibe that we've all come to love and expect from Troma releases.

The story begins as a narration from protagonist, Hectic Knife's point of view. New York city, where Hectic resides in the film, is becoming over run with junkies thanks to the evil drug dealer Piggly Doctor. Hectic, played by Peter Litvin, has been taking out the bad guys for long enough to realize that he's sick of dealing with it and that something has to be done to finally end Piggly's diabolical reign.
Unfortunately, killing bad guys doesn't pay the rent and Hectic moves in a new friend, Link, to help him keep the bills paid. Not only does he have Link in his life, but he also attracts the attention of Franny whom wants to be his girlfriend after being saved by him. Eventually Hectic ends up running into Piggly Doctor due to having issues with dizziness only to find that Piggly was the evil drug dealer responsible for the murders in the streets. The insanely entertaining pursuit between the two of them ensues from there.

Overall this movie exceeded my expectations by far. Hectic Knife's fighting scenes are so ridiculously over the top that you can't help but laugh. It reminds me of a mixture of the Matrix and epically bad Kung fu. He's really bad yet  somehow always ends up accidentally killing the bad guys. Additionally, the singing and the sarcastic side commentary from people watching the movie is priceless.

Written by @Embalmist