Hermitage, Tn

Pulling up to Halloscream it had a haunting feel as you drive through the woods to reach your destination. Halloscream is located in the densely wooded shores of Percy Priest Lake.
During the day there is Booville an attraction for all ages. When the sun goes down scare zones, Trail of Terror and Haunted Hay Ride opens up. This family friendly attraction offers  traditional Halloween fun such as hay maze, costume contest, trick or treating, arts and crafts and much more.

Family Friendly
Lots of activities
Haunted Hay Ride

Lack of actors
Make Up FX

Get Slash Pass for Haunted Hayride

Review by JimJam & Amy​

Nashville Nightmare

Nashville, Tennessee

When I pulled up I noticed a lot of things have changed at Nashville Nightmare. There was a ‘carnival midway’ type of setup and a maze outside among other things. There were a lot of actors outside scaring the guests.
Everyone was very friendly and helpful. We started out at the ‘Horror High Final Exam’ section. It is cut in half to accommodate another section- the ‘Industrial Undead’. Those two areas were not as long as ‘Night Terrors’. The sets were very detailed and actors and make up were on point. They set people up for ‘Night Terrors’ and the ‘Fairy Tale Hell’ areas. ‘Night Terrors’ was awesome! It was so intense and such a sensory overload with the smells, the feel, lights, and noises. It's a feast for the senses! ‘Fairy Tale Hell’ was exactly what it sounds like: a lot of your childhood stories brought to life in a terrifying way. All in all it shows why Nashville Nightmare holds the claim as the #1 haunt in Tennessee. We here at TN Horror News definitely recommend visiting Nashville Nightmare!

​Awesome Parts:

​Watching everyone get the crap scared out of them!

​Night Terrors

​Fairy Tale Hell

Price Point and Hours of Operation:
General Admission: $30
Slash Pass Admission: $45
Parking is free
Open every weekend through Halloween
7:30 p.m. to 12 a.m. CST


Visit Horror High & Industrial Undead First
Bathrooms: Portable restrooms are beside the ticket line

Review written by Jim Jam & Jonny LeRoy

Listen to our podcast review of Nashville Nightmare


Monster Mountain Haunted Attraction
Hendersonville, Tennessee

The opening weekend of Monster Mountain’s 2016 haunted attraction, I decided to venture out with a group of friends in hopes to have the bejeezus scared out of me. Upon pulling up to the attraction, I immediately noticed how eerily desolate its surroundings were. The location of the haunt was located at the top of a rather large hill and the name ‘Monster Mountain’ illuminated the night sky.
My trip to Monster Mountain was a refreshingly scary one in that it wasn’t like your typical ‘run of the mill’ haunted house. The use of big name horror characters was kept to a very minimum. In doing so, the haunt was instantly more terrifying and realistic because I was immersed in scenes that made me feel as if I was playing an invaluable part in them. Monster Mountain obviously spared no expense on creepy animatronics and other props, special fx makeup, intricate set designs, and insanely believable actors and actresses. The ticket staff and security were extremely accommodating as well. Monster Mountain was worth every penny spent on admission in that they delivered on freaking people out and causing many to have nightmares long past the end of that night.

Awesome Parts:
Horrifying Clown Area with a Creepy Twist!
Zombies Area!
Vortex Tunnel!

Price Point and Hours of Operation:
General Admission: $19
Express Admission: $29
Kids are free
Parking is free
Open every weekend through Halloween
7:30 p.m. to 12 a.m. CST

Majority of it is outside
The haunt is uphill and downhill
Bathrooms: portable restrooms are at entrance to the line
Kid friendly

Review written by @Embalmist of Twitter

Slaughter House

​Hermitage, Tennessee

Ben & Stacey Dixon have turned the Old Belcourt Theatre into something uniquely horrifying a 3 in 1 stop housing Lone Wolf Tattoo, Full Moon Cineplex and Slaughter House the longest running haunted attraction in Nashville. As you make your entrance into the lobby heading towards the ticket counter you will notice countless autographed memorabilia paying homage to some of Horror's biggest icons. Be careful you may also bump in to the resident zombie 'BoBo. For those daring to walk the halls of Slaughter House are in for scaretastic surprises. Slaughter House will definitely not disappoint with new and additional scenes that with out a doubt will make your fears a reality. For the faint of heart you can catch one of the classic Horror film's playing in the Cineplex. We recommend checking out this twist on a traditional haunt.

Awesome Parts
The Vintage Horror Feel
Slaughter House it's self

Price Point and Hours of Operation:
General Admission: $20

Movie and Haunt: $25

Dinner Movie and Haunt: $40
Parking is free
Open every weekend through Halloween
8:00 p.m. to 11 p.m. CST


​Check out the Cineplex

​Bathrooms: Inside and Portable outside

​Review By Jim Jam & Amy

Zombie Outbreak Dread the Undead

Pigeon Forge, Tn

Zombie Outbreak Dread the Undead

is a must see for any haunted attraction lover. Located at the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center in the heart of Pigeon Forge Tennessee, this attraction delivers highly on jump scares.

Starting off, your party is led into a debriefing room where you are informed of the virus Outbreak that has happened at the lab you're  about to venture through: Chemacorp. From there, your group starts the haunt walk through and is met immediately by vast amounts of pneumatic, realistic props.

I'll admit that its a rare occasion for me to get scared at a haunt. Although there were few actors, this attraction got me a few times with the jump scares! Overall, I found this attraction to be one hell of a nonstop terrifying, adrenaline pumping experience from start to finish.

Cool Stuff:
Immersive atmosphere complete with putrid smells. Yes... I said smells...

Price Point?
Ages 12 and up:  $15.00
Ages 4 to 11:       $10.00

Family friendly?
Yep... though may not be suitable for younger children due to guts and gore.

Hours of Operation  
Open year round!
Hours vary... but is usually open rather early til late at night.
Most days: 9:00 a.m. til 11:00 p.m.

Review Written by @Embalmist of Twitter​

        Clarksville Zombie Hunters

       Clarksville, Tennessee

So starting off, I must admit I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead comic book and TV series. Upon noticing that there was a zombie hunting haunted attraction in my area, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to get in on the action. Clarksville Zombie Hunters is home to 5 epic attractions: zombie paintball hayride, zombie mission, death's door escape game, zombie shooting gallery, and outdoor movies. The zombie paintball hayride was by far my preferred entertainment of the night. Who wouldn't want to load up on a multiple paintball gun-equipped zombie killing truck and hunt down a substantial amount of zombies? Not only were my fellow hunters and I thoroughly enjoying our ride, but we were also contributing to financially help a school that night. Clarksville Zombie Hunters allowed students from that school to gear up as zombies and receive a portion of proceeds from that night for their school.

In general, the feel of Clarksville Zombie Hunters' attractions had a zombie apocalypse type of vibe to them and made for an overall enjoyable experience.

Awesome Parts:
Free zombie head toss game
Roaming realistic zombie actors
Food truck

General Attraction Information:

Zombie paintball hayride:
     Glow in the dark paintball rounds
     Use of pyrotechnics
     Picture is taken of your zombie hunting
     group and put on Facebook

Zombie Mission:
     A nice, creepy walk through the woods...
     Just you, your paintball gun, and a bunch
     of zombies!

Death's Door Escape Game:
     Extremely creepy escape game reminiscent
     of the show Hellevator.

Outside Movies and Bonfire:
     It's completely free!
     The movie Spaceballs was playing that
     night. How awesome is that?!

Zombie Shooting Gallery:
     Blacklight and glow in the dark targets
     Glow in the dark paintball rounds

Price Point and Hours of Operation:

Pick and choose which attractions to visit or buy a pass to attend all.
All prices listed are online prices only and do
     not include tax.

VIP Pass (fast VIP line use, access to all
                   attractions and tshirt): $69.99

Death's Door Escape Game: $10.00

Hayride: $18.00

Zombie Mission & Shooting Gallery: $15.00

Parking is free

Open every Thursday through Saturday through Halloween

Thursdays: 6:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. CST

Fridays and Saturdays: 6:00 p.m. to
12:30 a.m.CST

Majority of it is outside
Zombie mission: wear comfortable shoes.. as this attraction is in the woods
Outside movies: bring a chair to sit in

Bathrooms: portable restrooms are immediately to the right upon entrance
Kid friendly

Review Written by @Embalmist of Twitter