‚Äč Gremlin: A Review
by Luce Allan


At first glance, Gremlin (2017) comes across as a midrange Hellraiser/The Box hybrid with its primary storyline, which involves an ancient box that contains an insect-like creature who brutally murders every person that someone loves. The only escape is to pass the box on-but the person who receives the box must also be someone that the giver loves, perpetuating an endless cycle of death and heartbreak. As the plot intensifies, however, the imagination and boldness that the film captures allows Gremlin to stand on its own as a satisfying horror movie.

The pacing of Gremlin is one of its most impressive aspects-not only is the plot development steady and engaging, but the action and the creativity of the film's lore improves and accelerates as the minutes increase. Another memorable characteristic of the film is its willingness to make daring choices in its script that-without revealing any spoilers-take the story to new and unexpected heights. The cinematography and special effects are also high-quality, especially the utilization of the latter, which enhances the film instead of overwhelming it.

While the concept of the box and the monster inside of it is generally layered and intriguing, there are moments in the film in which the mythology is inconsistent. Without revealing too much detail, there is one side-plot that brings into question whether or not the box can be given to someone that the current box owner loves or someone whom they think they love, although this idea is never fully fleshed out. The situation that involves this plot inconsistency is also unclear in its execution, which slightly dilutes the overall tightness of the script.

Gremlin (2017) is a solid horror film that contributes an entertaining addition to the monster movie sub-genre and finds measures of originality in classic horror movie concepts