Grandma Werewolf

A father takes his teenage kids to the middle of nowhere to visit their recently widowed grandmother for Thanksgiving and they end up getting much more than they bargained for. They have to learn magic, steal a silver sword, and subdue a werewolf all while working through their own family issues and coming to terms with dark family secrets. Grams is a werewolf and she killed her magic-wielding werewolf expert husband during a previous full moon. This is a Kickstarter funded passion project that was made on a miniscule budget and proves that the budget of a film doesn’t define how good it is.  

This movie is fuckin’ hilarious. I laughed more at parts of this movie than I have in the past week. I had no idea what to expect going into this one and really thought it was going to be a super dark serious film with a ton of gore. Nope. There’s a training montage straight out of Karate Kid and when Grams wolfs out she’s still wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. If you can’t get a giggle out of a werewolf in a Christmas sweater I don’t know what the hell you’re doing wrong with your life but you should fix it. This movie also features the best damned werewolf hunter since Neon Joe and I want a movie just about that guy and his adventures.  

Maybe it’s because we’re less than a week from Christmas and it makes me all sentimental and soft but I really liked the underlying story. The dad who never has time for his kids finally has time to really bond with his son and show his love for his daughter. I mean sure, they bond over learning magic and keeping their werewolf family members in line but that’s beside the point. I guess all he needed was to discover his family’s dark secret in order to pull his head out of his ass and see what was important.

Seriously guys, this movie hit the spot I would recommend it. Unfortunately for you, this one probably won’t be out until around next Thanksgiving. That’s okay, though because you can bet your ass I’ll be reminding you of it come next holiday season. In the mean time, I’m going to go binge watch Neon Joe. You should too.

​By Yeti