​By Yeti

Not All Dolls are for Children

Are you already counting the days to Halloween? If so, I may have another reason for you to be stoked for this fall. Trick or Treat Studios, producers of all manner of horror badassery, have begun to tease their releases for the upcoming Halloween season. This year they are giving horror collectors the first ever Texas Chainsaw Massacre mask and masks from American Horror Story: Cult but what has been making the most waves is a doll. Not just any doll though, it is a high quality prop replica of the original Good Guy doll. That’s right folks, there will finally be a high quality Chucky to fill out your collection of horror icons.

I haven’t found many more details than that but I can tell you a couple of things that I’ve heard from pretty good sources. First off, these dudes aren’t going to be cheap. Get ready to hand over around three hundred bucks or more for the likeness of Chucky. Also, word around the campfire is that Nightmare Toys will have them in stock when they drop this fall. So if you’re into supporting small businesses and horror check them out on all the social media or go to www.nightmaretoys.com to browse through the mountains of badassery that they’ve already got in stock.

2017 may have been horrific for some but 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for horror. We’re getting a Slender Man movie, The Deadverse is taking shape, the new Halloween film, and now a high quality Good Guy replica just to name a few. I don’t see how this year could get much better for horror fans.