​Ghostbusters (2016)

 by Melissa of Horror Melts


​I went into this movie with literally no expectations. I know there was a bunch of different opinions regarding this one before it even came out and I think all the trashing made me way less excited. I think my opinion totally changed within the first 10 minutes of the film. I was sucked in pretty immediately, and if you are a Ghostbusters fan I absolutely love how from the very beginning they were throwing in little cameos and references to the original, some so tiny you had to look for them but not so in your face that people who have not seen the originals (why?! How?! Can you believe I've met people who had no clue what it was before the remake?! But that's besides the point..) were not confused by what was happening. For example - the first 15 minutes a door opens and for a split second you see a golden bust of Egon which had me pretty emotional haha.

My original thoughts on the casting for the Ghostbusters was pure disappointment. Not that I was ever against female ghostbusters, I thought it was an absolutely kick ass idea. I just felt they had put literally no effort into finding the perfect women for the roles. It was like - "Oh! Female Ghostbusters? That's cool - let's find the most popular and obvious women for the role. If we keep all our casting within SNL we only have to send one offer letter!" I thought there were a bunch of other great women that could have been given the role (Gillian Anderson as a Ghostbuster. I mean. Please.). When I saw the film though - I was insanely impressed with how each women stood up to the role. Especially so for Melissa McCarthy who I honestly never found funny before this role. She really did a good job with keeping it funny but not ridiculous. One actress who I heard nothing about before this was Kate McKinnon (Holtzmann) and she instantly became my absolute favorite character in this remake.

The story itself for this one is interesting. We have our typical bad guy loner, who has been made fun of all his life but is actually a genius and he's looking to get his revenge on apocalyptic levels. He's trying to break open a barrier that will release all malevolent ghosts into NYC (with him as their leader). I thought this was a really good take on it. Maybe I look way too deeply into things with my weird mind but I found it fitting for a 2016 Ghostbusters to focus on a villain who had been so beaten down their whole life that they are so far gone into mental illness that they want to start the apocalypse.

I didn't find out until afterwards about Dan Ackroyd producing it which I think had a lot to do with how well made the film ended up being. I loved how heavily involved that it seemed the remaining original cast was and even the most random people made small appearances. I loved that. As worried as I was for this film I feel that they perfectly made their remake, while also paying dues to the original. It was truly well done and as someone who grew up watching and loving the originals, I love that this film will be here to spark the ghostbusters love for younger generations.

Also - THAT SCENE AFTER THE CREDITS, GUYS?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! I'm almost thinking we might finally be getting a crossover for the next one :smirk:
Have you seen the new film yet?! What did you think?! Did you have a favorite scene or favorite cameo (I about shit my pants when Sigourney Weaver appeared for a few seconds)?