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Gerald’s Game Review
By Yeti


We are finally seeing a time when the market is full of Stephen King adaptations that, for the most part, don’t suck. Sure there were some good flicks based on King’s books and stories before but you have to admit that most of them were, shall we say, not so great. I’ve never read the book but the person I watched the movie with has and said that while it skipped over some things and changed a few details it still held up, which is more that you could say for many of this movie’s predecessors (lookin at you The Dark Half).

Okay, so for those not in the know, this movie focuses on a married couple, Jessie and Gerald, who go to a secluded cabin for a weekend away. In Gerald’s eyes “weekend away” means that he gets to handcuff Jessie to a bed and, unbeknownst to her, live out a rape fantasy. She’s super not happy about that but that just makes it better for him. Better, that is, until Gerald’s boner pills give him a heart attack and he dies leaving Jessie handcuffed to a bed and slowly losing her mind.

This movie proves that you can do a lot with a handful of actors, a couple of sets, and some handcuffs. The plot picks up pretty early and keeps the pace up for the rest of the film. As you would imagine shit gets pretty weird pretty fast. We get to look at Jessie’s innermost scars and secrets while she gets to watch a stray dog eat her husband’s corpse. It may not be scary per se but is damn sure is dark.

The atmosphere is thick and the suspense stays high. You are left to wonder just how she will get out of this while her inner voices tell her how she will look when the coroner finds her withered and rotting in her pretty slip. The thing about psychological thrillers is that instead of scares there are extreme moments of “what the fuck?!” and this movie has them in spades. I actually found myself talking to the TV while watching this; I think I said something like “Oh god! What the fu… Jesus Christ why would you.. what the fuck man?”.

All in all this is a pretty decent watch. At one point I commented that I had never been so thoroughly disturbed and bored at the same time, but the boredom faded pretty quickly. It’s a dark, disturbing journey through terror and childhood trauma, and I suggest you check it out. And hey, it’s on Netflix so if you don’t like it you’re not out anything.