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The Forlorned Review
By Yeti


This one starts out as a pretty basic haunted house flick. Tom takes a job overseeing a lighthouse on a haunted island and the two guys from the mainland that he interacts with take turns scaring the piss out of him. From telling him how he’s either crazy for going out there or the island is gonna drive him crazy to telling him stories of demon pigs and ghosts of previous caretakers who died on the island these guys really get under Tom’s skin.

Tom seems to think he’s going crazy while at the same time following every sign of paranormal activity. Door opens? Better go in there. Weird noise in the other room? Better go scope that out. Bear traps and mouse traps going off without anything triggering them? Yeah that needs closer inspection. This attitude lets the viewer fully experience the spookiness that is the island while showing what we think might be ghosts driving yet another caretaker mad.

Tom gets caught in his own fox trap (that’s not a bear trap I don’t care what they say) and wakes up in the basement, chained to a wall by the only living person to know more about what’s going on than him. They form an alliance and move the plot into the third act where some of the best stuff in the movie happens.

After going through all kinda of hell, poor Tom is possessed by the spirit of Jim Carrey in Cable Guy. Seriously there’s even the creepy fisheye lens keyhole shot. It’s amazing. There’s a moment when the possession becomes apparent that could have just been terrible but the crazy Jim Carrey ghost makes it work so well.

All in all there’s some decent scares, a couple laughs, and a pretty cool back story to this creepy island and demon Jim Carrey. I’d watch it again, in fact I probably will. This one gets one crazy, floppy, maggot-filled thumps up from me.