Family Possessions Review

I’ve been out of commission for what seems like a month now, so it was so nice to jump back into movie reviews. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be sitting down and doing this again. You don’t give a shit about that, though, and that’s okay with me. No big deal. What you do care about is why “Family Possessions” is the super campy slow burning B movie you need to see. Honestly, I’d rather write about that, too  so it all works out.

I knew absolutely nothing about this movie going in other than the title and the fact that the cast featured bad ass scream queen and friend of Tennessee Horror News, Felissa Rose. That was all I needed to be interested. So I got good and polluted and jumped into this nifty little film head first.

It isn’t often that you see this level of camp at the end of a really slow burn. The first, I don’t know, four and a half hours of “Family Possessions” is spent building atmosphere, laying out the back story, and not so much developing characters as introducing you to the ones you’ll  want to see die when shit finally picks up. Then when Supercunt McFaketits finally gets it at about the five hour mark, it really blows your mind. This far in, I was thinking that this movie was going to take itself super seriously, but when I saw the blood soaked mannequin dressed in Supercunt’s clothes  I was suddenly excited for the rest of the movie and was not disappointed. “Family Possessions” pays off your patience in a big way. Everything from the practical effects to the way the kills are constructed is a nod to old school B movies and it is just so damned fun.

All in all, I would say give it a watch. The movie starts off with some good storytelling and a pretty cool concept and finishes strong with camp, gore, and ghosts that don’t fuck around. It would be hard not to enjoy watching  “Family Possessions”.

​By Yeti