Past Event

The traveling freak show that is the Mad Monster Party steamed its way into Rock Hill, S.C. this weekend and, as always, didn't disappoint. This was my second holy journey to the macabre Mecca, one I've looked forward to since the very second I walked out of the last. Forget Barnum & Bailey and their sad, tormented elephants, The Mad Monster Party is the greatest show on earth! Both have clowns, but I prefer the kind wielding chainsaws and cocktails. Donning my trusty top hat and cloak, armed only with a beautiful woman by side, a makeshift cardboard shank and a steampunk water pistol full of cheap tequila, we descend from the sky and land hard on the scene. Surrounded by deviants, freaks and weirdos....I've never felt more at home. For my entire stay it felt like the universe was giving me a big, warm hug. One of the most surprising aspects is how friendly everyone is when they dress up like their favorite monster or serial killer. Laughter everywhere, people talking about the movies, characters and carnage they love, everyone with that glazed look of glee in their eye. Much like Christmas morning, when you're at The Mad Monster Party, all is right with world. You can meet your favorite celebrity and I do mean meet, not the assembly line "next" sort either. It was all I could do not to shat myself talking to Bill Moseley. I purchased artwork so beautifully twisted it would make the Marquis de Sade blush.  Captain Spaulding himself, Sid Haig, made me and my girlfriend a drink....which I'm pretty sure was some sort of jaegermesister roofiecolada....but still awesome! There's no way I can describe with mere words the surreal environment they manage to create but it's one you need to experience for yourself and as often as possible. So go on the online, search Mad Monster Party and get your golden ticket for what is guaranteed to be a night you'll never forget. 

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