​Eric was a passionate actor at Nashville Nightmare. His love for embracing a roll and killing it was so strong I've never seen anything like it. He was our captain. Our pirate. I had the pleasure of being his prisoner last season, and playing off of his dialogue was one of my favorite memories with him. If he wasn't making you laugh or scaring the shit out of you, something was wrong. He will forever be loved and missed.

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TN Horror News would like to take the time to talk about Eric "Captain" Rodriguez. We didn't have the pleasure of knowing Eric but  from what we see from his friends and family he was an amazing person! 

We want to say how deeply sympathetic 

we are for all of y'all. We know the pain will never go away but it'll get easier to deal with the loss of such an amazing person. Eric will be missed very much but never forgotten!

R.I.P Captain 

​Sail On

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 Eric Rodriguez, aka Captain. That was what he was best known as at Nashville Nightmare Haunted House. From the moment Eric showed up at the haunt, a light just followed him. At all times, he had people surround him. His kindness and overall big heart attracted so many. Even if you didn't know Eric personally, he made it his duty to talk to everyone with his famous smirk on his face and his long hair blowing in the wind. Aside from being a genuine soul. Eric was an outstanding actor. He was always in character the moment he stepped foot in his costume. When you heard boots scuffling against the floor deck, you automatically knew you were in for a treat. When you enter the the ship's dungeon, he would greet you with a scare and bring to life the true pirate that lived inside of him. Whether it was being scary, witty, or even just stupid.. Eric Rodriguez made it known, he is the
 ship's CAPTAIN. Our captain will be forever missed but the tides have taken him on a journey to a better place. May his soul Rest In Peace.

​Eric Rodriguez was not only a haunt brother,  he was a father and a family friend.  Our stories would always mesh as he is my captain and I his Calypso, and has my heart. He brang together his love of the haunt and MC. He brought our world's together.  We thank and love him for that. And as one of his besties Curtis Walton would say he knows he's in heaven drinking his Bud heavy and banging angels. He was a light in our dark dark world and he will be missed forever and always. Melanie "Mama JuJu Voodoo Queen " Nelson