‚Äč Death Hunter: Werewolves vs Vampires

Review By D

Welcome to MWA(Monster Wrestling Association)! You are in for a treat folks! On the left corner with a tall thin stature , long taloned nails, sharp fangs and definitely do not sparkle meet the charismatic vampire. And on the right corner, howling at the full moon with his canine teeth ready and covered in fur. This Alpha does not need any suntan lotion as the werewolf. The winner gets the chance to fight the damned soul of the demonhunter who as an axe to grind for both opponents. 

The Undertaker and Kane both bid on the vampire while my leech brassiere is on the werewolves. This fight is going to be epic as in the next terror film. It is about a love mourned man who is preparing for the biggest comeback in his life. Sunstorm Motion Pictures presents Death Hunter: Werewolves vs Vampires. Married couple John and Maria Croix ran out of gas in the desert and are lost, so they pull up to near by bar to get assistance. Bar owner Shamus tells them a tow truck will tow them to the nearest gas station by tomorrow morning. 

Maria reveals to John that he will be a father. He is thrilled but their joyous moment is short lived; when vampires grab her out of her seat to be presented to Neyus. John tries to save her but couldn't then he flees in his car trying to get help. He ends up crashing the car after vampires chasing after him which he got away. To make matters worst, he gets attacked by werewolves. 

Dr. Arthur Van Ness rescues John then injects antivenom to cure the wolf side of him but he still maintained the abilities of a lycanthrope. Dr. Ness trains him to defend himself against werewolves and vampires. He also informs him by killing the leader will reverse the curse and save his wife.  Who will win this fight? Watch this film to find out. I was expecting werewolves and vampires battling each other out while the hunter was just in the crossfires of it all. 

Instead they just a small obstacle in the real prize fight for Croix. It is basically the boot leg version of Blade. Not exciting and not too impressive. There were a couple of scenes where green screening was used. Animation on certain character and objects were ok. Like the canopy of skulls at the entrance to Neyus'lair or the depiction of the Alpha werewolf were some of the few things in the movie I liked. Although the Alpha werewolf looked more like a wild cat sapien then actual wolf man.

Make up effects on werewolves and vampires were good. The vampire make up seem to pay homage to Buffy the vampire slayer franchise by using the same make up scheme for the vampires. Werewolves could have needed an improvement it just looked like some put on a monkey costume then just gave it a snout and protruding teeth to past it off as a lycanthrope. Special effects were good. I am impressed by the amount if blood used as well as the gore scenes. Props are stragically staged and placed throughout the film.

Performance was ok. It is not good or bad. It is worth watching now and then if you have the chance to. I dupe this film 3.5 out of five wolvesbane. Go to YouTube channel: FilmRise Features to watch this film as well as others you might be on the prowl for. Check out the latest interviews and commentaries with JimJam and Jonny Le Roy on The Horror Basement Podcast. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Find them on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud and Stitcher Radio. Check out their merchandise including T-shirts and their latest stickers. I managed to get my THN sticker on one of my charmed spots. ;) What other films you want to feast on? Email Tenesse Horror Show with subject line "D" Make sure you leave your name in your email with your suggestion. Maybe you will see your suggestion posted up. And remember be damned and stay scared.