Death House 

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As one of the most anticipated films in horror, Death House has been getting people excited for what seems like forever now. I personally couldn’t wait for another Kane film then I get two at once!

(Death house and Chainsaw Maidens from Hell which is available on Amazon Prime now!)

I first heard about the film from Gunnar Hansen at a Horror Convention in the UK back in 2015 but at that point it wasn’t titled. Later on I found out about Death house on Twitter and followed the film. It has been clear that the team behind the film have been working hard on social media to build up the hype for the film, especially the lovely Social Media Guy (SMG).

I was so excited by this film because of the number of big Horror actors in this film, and to me other than a very small handful, ALL of my favourites actors were in it. I was particularly waiting for Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, R.A. Mihailoff, Gunnar Hansen, Dee Wallace, Tony Todd, Michael Berryman, and obviously the absolutely stunning Kane Hodder.

I’m not going to give any spoilers (trust me it’s well worth the wait). The story is about a secret prison facility where they are attempting to eradicate evil from the world.

The researchers at the prison are testing the inmates to find out what makes them tick. While showing some new graduates around, there is a power outage which starts the battle to stop inmates escaping. The worst of these inmates are the five evils on level 9. I won’t go into it further than that, you will have to see the film to know how it progresses.

I travelled all the way from the UK and spent thousands to be able to see this film and it was totally worth it, I absolutely loved it. It was a little confusing at times (but I do get confused a lot!!) the weird skinless creatures (seen in the trailer) were absolutely brilliant and that whole scene was like WTF!?!?  I haven’t seen a film that’s been able to pull off a really creepy creature like that for a long time. Some parts of Death House were funny too, one particular scene of a man getting “head” I won’t say any more about that but definitely watch out for it! It was really amazing to see Gunnar Hansen on screen and how Harrison linked him to one of the inmates was just perfect!

My favourite scene in the film was during the riot scene when Sieg gets shot and falls over a railing. Yes I know what you’re thinking Sieg gets shot?!?! WHAT?!?!?! I know, I know, I was devastated too, but then, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, he lands and (stay calm ladies) yes we get Sexy Sieg stomach!! SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!!! That scene alone was well worth the $4,000 it cost to see this!!

Personally, I would have love to have seen a little more gore but it did have enough to keep me happy and I do wish R.A. had a slightly bigger part. Other than that, Death House was absolutely amazing, well worth the wait, the travel and the money spent!  Definitely on my list of favourite films and I WILL be buying tickets to see it again when it comes to the UK.

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