Cold Moon Review

By Yeti


    Cold Moon is the most fun I’ve ever had watching someone go absolutely batshit crazy. I feel like I could leave it at that and you would have all that you needed to know about this film. That, and Christopher Lloyd is in it, he’s amazing as the possibly senile curmudgeon. There were some rough patches and some things that could’ve been done better but it isn’t a bad movie.

    Its set in the Florida but the Deep South Florida, not beaches and resorts Florida and I have to say most of the accents were pretty solid. There’s Girl Scouts, a crooked banker, some kindly old folks, the Sheriff that knows everyone in town by name, and the one black guy in town that they immediately try to pin a murder on so I would say this has small towns in the Deep South pretty well pinned.

    The pacing on this one is pretty fast, the action kicks off with a violent child murder at about the ten minute mark and pretty much keeps a steady speed from there. There are a couple of lulls but nothing really to complain about. Most of the second half of the movie follows one character as he goes back and forth between scheming and being driven mad by vengeful spirits. No complaints from me.

    The only real complaint I had was with the CGI and the appearance of the ghosts. The vengeful spirits were drowned, stabbed, decapitated, soggy, and pissed off they could have been amazing. The CGI just wasn’t great and there was this whole Xenomorph-esque snake tongue thing with one of the specters which didn’t make much sense to me but maybe I missed something. That being said, there were a couple times when the young woman spirit is downright creepy.

    All in all, it gets a thumbs up from me. I would watch it again and you should too.