Circus Kane (2017)
Review by Fatal Follower 

"This is the ballad of Balthazar Kane...
Burnt to a crisp, now he's gone insane! 
Killer of love by a Valentine's name...
Banned to a jail to live out his shame!
Born of the madness, dude of the pain. 
Back from the dead, to play out his game!
Run little children when you hear his name...
Because there's nowhere to hide from the Circus Kane!"

From the press Release->
From Uncork'd Entertainment and DeInstitutionalized comes the it horror movie of fall, Circus Kane premiering on VOD 9/8.

The notorious and disgraced circus master, Balthazar Kane, invites an unsuspecting group of social media stars to the revival of his CIRCUS KANE by promising $250,000 to any of them who can make it through the night. Kane’s true plan quickly proves to be far more sinister as the contestants realize more than money is on the line. The group must fight for their lives to escape Kane’s demented house of horrors.

Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire) and Mark Christopher Lawrence (Cooties) head up the cast of Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray’s fantastic frighthouse Circus Kane, on VOD this September.


Clowns and horror movies go hand in hand. Some of my favorite horror movies are-> It, Clownhouse, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, All Hallows' Eve, Clown, Drive Thru, Stitches and even Killjoy. What those movies do really well is prey on the innocent idea of what clowns represent, mainly to make people happy and laugh, and twist it into horrors quit the opposite. With Circus Kane, you get an interesting concept of what magicians will endure to "capture" an audience. I'm being ambiguous, naturally, to not reveal too much about the plot as I think the twist was rather inventive.

What would you do for 250k? Would you stay overnight in a clown house of horrors, so that you could go back to your horror communities and brag about how you aced the winnings easily? Well, for these eight horror hounds, this won't be the easiest money they make by a long shot! 

After receiving a mysterious txt to meet at a parking lot to participate in the game, these contestants are a little different than your usual suspects, they are all somehow involved in various horror communities. One is a collector of horror memorabilia, another is a "final girl" from horror films, a horror blogger, and other likenesses. What they don't know is that this isn't a game to take lightly, because they are entering a house full of boobytraps and riddled. Also, there is a demented clown, a jester and a really old magician with MURDER on the menu!

One by one they try to uncover the clues to escape each room and race to the next, the only catch is these rooms end up keeping one of them in a variety of grisly ways. There were some fantastic kills in this movie, either from the traps in which characters succumbed to or by the hands of the demented clowns. Some of the highlight kills involved a room full of barbwire, and another with a room full of jack-in-the-boxes.

Once the movie gets to the final bloody showdown, I was loving the cheesy horror goodness that was Balthazar Kane, he was quit the entertainer with his diabolical plan! If you are looking for a decent clown slasher movie to appease your appetite, at least until It arrives in theaters, give this one a watch! 

*Bloody Recommended!*