Have you and your significant other been looking to spice things up? Standing in the checkout line at the sex shop a little too awkward? That drunken threesome that resulted in a couples' prescription for antibiotics got you down? Well my friends have you considered a little something called murder. Capture Kill Release chronicles the journey of our young lovebirds, played magnificently by Jennifer Fraser and Farhang Ghajar. Fraser plays every crazy girl who has ever keyed your car but with a level of sociopath that I can only describe as....if Fatal Attraction and American Psycho fucked and had a child and then you raised that child on nothing but live puppies, cigarette burns and the tears of humanity...well, you'll see. And Farhang, poor, poor Farhang, the lovable cuck of a boyfriend who just wants to make his Hitleresque gal happy. If all couples took their frustrations out on stray cats and homeless people, maybe the divorce rate wouldn't be so high. Oh, animal lovers and vegans beware, the cat scene will reduce you to a sniveling, chin-rumbling snot bubble and you may try to slit your wrists with an eco-friendly spork. What drives the movie is this good cop, bad cop back and forth. A very palpable Oscar & Felix odd couple vibe...with a smidgen of bondage and a dash of ritual killing. Good, clean family fun for all ages (if you're in the Manson family) Directors Nick Mcanulty and Brian Allan Stewart knock it out of the Park along with the writing help of our favorite couple Jennifer and Farhang. I hope everyone gets a chance to see what I think could be the couples cult hit of 2017. Capture Kill Release is out as of March 7th so give it a watch. And if your relationship has entered the humdrum phase, it's nothing a taser and syringe full of Windex can't remedy. Happy viewing.

Review by The Great Beludini from