Fellow horror freaks, gone are the days of sitting around, wishing that someone, somewhere in Hollywood would make something genuinely eerie to quench your insatiable thirst for the macabre. No longer are we slaves to regular programming, big budget productions or deuche flute producers. Now we are the financiers of a wonderful modern age of horror. Much like tossing a coin into a wishing well, through crowdfunding we can make all our creepy ass dreams come true. I can't think of any better example than director Josh Hasty's vision for his upcoming film, Candy Corn. Candy Corn is based on a story by Butch Von Dreux and stars none other than 31's own Pancho Moler (Sick Head). In the film, Moler plays the menacing Dr. Death, a freakish amalgamation of Dr. Frankenstein and carnival gypsy voodoo practitioner. Check out the link below and watch as he wills a corpse back to life through ritual incantation to do his horrific bidding. Once you see what this film could be, you'll not only want to see it, but you'll want to be a part of it. So reach deep into your black hearts, smash open your Freddy Krueger piggy bank and help Josh make this happen. Happy homicides!

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Written By The Great Beludini